Sunday, April 7, 2013

Am I caught up yet?

some days just seem to be so busy around here! So much to do and so little time.  But, I do have some things done. I have just finished up a new pull toy, this one is a pig, but, I can not get a good picture yet. there is no sun!  I also have a cow just about done. this one just needs sanding and the finishing touches. So expect them to show up any day now!

I have also put all of my patterns on sale for only $3.00 for at leas the month of April. so would appreciate some shares to help get the word out!  Sales have been so slow for me that I  have to do something to boost them up a bit.  I think I did better last year as a new shop than I am this year so far.

so this is my shop link of you could help me share it!

Thanks everyone!

Until later, if the sun comes out I can at least get a picture of my pig!

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