Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Working on my next pattern

Yes, I have number three in the works. and yes, its another critter.  This one is going to be a beaver,, I hope anyway.  I have all the pieces all cut out, stitched, and turned right side out. that's the easy part!  tomorrow I might be able to work on it some during the day. but have to work around the grand daughter!  She at least lets me do  some hand work here and there.  now lets hope that I don't have to remake to many pattern pieces!  The face will be the hardest to craft. I can see it in my minds eye so should work out just fine. but we will see!

Have a good night!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Inventory Reduction Sale

Yes, I am having a Inventory Reduction Sale in my shop in Esty.  I have marked down all of my small quilts, lap quilts, and wall hangings and table toppers.   they have been marked down anywhere from 25 to 50 percent. so there are some really great deals to be had!  I just need to clear some of my inventory since it is getting to where I cant move in my house! just to many totes laying around!

So just go to my shop and take a look around.  www.QuiltAples.esty.com

Thanks!  oh and spread the word!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

My next critter

OK, so I got this cute little guy all done. now to just get the pattern written up. It is mostly done. just have to check, check, and check some more!  I don't have the program to combine the pattern pieces with the written pattern but my daughter does. so she puts things together for me. problem is, she has already done the first pattern twice!  but the more that "we" do the better we will get.  I already have ideas for the next one!

And yes, I did have to remake some of the parts on this one. strange how you can see it in your mind, but it turns out different!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

working on pattern #2

Yes, I am working on  pattern #2. I have my critter done.........after I had to take some pieces apart and remake them.  just didn't like the look of it.  And I have my rough draft of the directions on "Word" so tomorrow I can work on fine tuning it.

I am not going to show a picture tonight. it is just to dark now and I don't have proper lighting to get a good picture. but this guy is a Elephant Pin Keep. He came out pretty cute!

Once I get a few of them done, then I will get them copyrighted. better safe than sorry!

So tomorrow , once the sun comes out I will get a picture of my Elephant and let you all see it.

Have a great evening!

Friday, July 27, 2012

My first pattern is done!

Yes, it is all finished and ready for the Publisher so to speak.  I had a lot of errors to fix, my fingers tend to get "tongue tied" when I type.  real good thing I have spell check! but it doesn't tell you the difference between hang and hand! or not and now!  but after several checks of it, I don't think I have anything wrong with it! So it will be ready shortly.

And now I am working on my next critter. I have it all cut out and partially stitched, now to just  put it together and see how it looks!  so check back soon and I just might have another  picture to show you!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Almost done with my first pattern

Yes I am almost done with my first pattern!  I am getting excited!  I have wanted to get into designing my own stuff for quite awhile now.  So I am finally getting on the boat so to speak.  I just have a few computer glitches to work out then my pattern will be ready to go.  I have so many ideas on what I want to work on, but have to get the first one  under my belt first.

Everyone have a good evening!  and enjoy what is left of summer


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A really cute design!

OK, so I was playing around. Some of you know that I really want to get into designing my own things.  This is what I came up with.  It is based on the ideas from Threadbare Primitives and her pin keeps.  I did not use any of her pattern pieces, just the basic concept.  Would like your honest opinion on how it looks!  and needless to say, I just love using Batik fabrics on these pin keeps!  it gives them such a different look! and no two will ever be the same!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Has this ever happened to you?

Sunday. I just vegged all day. It had been a long week, and the insomnia did not help.  This morning I got a small project started, one that I could do the hand sewing on while I watched my G-daughter. well it didn't work, not only did she not take her rest, but what I got started I suddenly didn't like!  it was just not coming out right. I sure hate it when that happens. They looked so much like the pattern, but they just did nothing for me. Oh well, there are more projects out there just calling my name!

Have a great week! and I hope that you all who need the rain get some!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Ravens are done!

Even though these don't really look like the picture on the pattern, for a first go on them, I am very pleased with the way that they turned out. a lot of trials and tribulations!  actually the one with the wings out looks more like a duck to me. but it is all black with a waxy finish and Cinnamon rubbed all over. I really have to work on my  priming. but I am getting there. I am sure if I do another set that they will look better. now to find a permanent home for them in my house!

And yes, slap my hand, I took the picture in the sun.  but I was anxious to see how they looked on film!

Working on my Ravens

My Ravens are coming right along!  As you can see I have them all painted. I finished stuffing and painting them last night. of course as you know, nothing looks right until they are done. Hopefully this weekend I can get them finished up.  next step is to put the legs on and then stitch them together!  the finial part will be to put some of that wax all over them and then highlight them with some Cinnamon.  I always get anxious to see the final result!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My next project!

These two Ravens are from "Soft in the Head"  I fell in love with them the first time that I saw them. I just had to find time to do them!

Now these are going to be for me!  I have filled my shop so am taking time off from making things for my shop. so now it is time to think of me!

Besides, I already have an order from my "kids" for at least 6 of my landscape quilts! each one of them wants something different. these would be for the grands for Christmas. So maybe now it the time to get started on them. you know how fast Christmas sneaks up on you!

I also have to think of what I want to put in my shop for the Christmas season. decisions decisions.  I have a few pattens for then, but not many.

Tomorrow I will not be sewing much though. I have Kieley in the morning, then it is off to town to do my weekly errands! with out her! she is hard for me to take to a lot of different places. And I surely don't want to go to town on a Saturday! not this time of year anyway!

So you all have a great night!  And thanks for the new followers!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Waxy Primitive Cats!

Yeah, they are finally done! these were done using a finishing wax. a bit messy but worth it!  a set with the light wax, a set with the dark, and then I painted the last set black and put a wax on top. it really makes them soft and supple!  and the wax on the black looks just like leather!

I know that I did some things wrong, you were supposed to rub cinnamon on them before the wax set. well I waited to long, but I will learn that aspect of it as well. So I tried to use the colored pencils for the highlights and it didn't really stick to the wax. I did manage to get the legs highlighted, but not the eyelids or the nose.

even with my problems, I really like how they turned out!  What do you all think of them?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Very Productive day today!

Yes, I have been busy! I got my surprise patterns done!  It is a Frankenstein pin keep! Another great pattern from Threadbare primitives!

I also have my cats "Sadie and Jinx" from "Barefoot Primitives" just about done also.  I am trying a new technique on my prims and I am really happy with it!  once I get the cats done I will post a picture and you can tell me what you thing of them.  This technique I have learned from "Soft in the Head"  instead of using coffee or tea to stain you muslin, you use a finishing wax!  It is a bit messy but sooooooooo worth the effort!  but I am working on the eyes now, then all I have to do is the whiskers. hopefully, grand-daughter willing I can get them on tomorrow and show you all a picture of them.  oh, and if you use the wax on black paint, it looks just like black leather!  yes, I am excited about this technique!

But this is Frankenstein! or Frankie as I call him, not scary at all!  I love doing these pin keeps!  they are so easy to do. and depending on the material that you use, they can all come out different!

So I hope that you all have enjoyed your day!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Really Busy Day today!

Yes, I had Kieley again today. will have until School starts again.  But..........I was up early and finished up these two cute Ghosts for my shop!  They are patterns from Threadbare Primitives.  Needless to say, as many as I make  of them, I really like her patterns!  Right now I am working on another of her patterns. they will be done tomorrow. grand-daughter willing that is!  but that will be a surprise!

I am also working on Sadie and Jinx. a pattern from Barefoot primitives. while they were drying I started the "surprise" one.  I have to sew when I can!  and tonight is a good night for it, it is still to hot to sleep here. But I did get up nice and early today so I was able to get quite a bit done.

So , until tomorrow!  I will have the surprise pattern done. and yes it is a Halloween one, to show you all.

Have a good night and stay cool!

Very busy Summer so far

It has been a very busy summer so far for me. I have not seemed to find the time to much of anything. it is amazing what having a child in the house does to you! My timing is all off! Between that and this heat and humidity I seem to have done much of nothing.  But I did manage to get a few things done. mostly at night when it is cooler , or early in the morning before Keiley comes over.  I do manage to get some handwork done while she is her, but not much.  but I love her dearly. she is usually such a sweet even tempered little girl that just loves to play with my dog! who of course loves to play right back!  So in the meantime, I have made up a few things for Fall and Halloween. These two fabric bowls are from a pattern from Robyn and Motherload toad on Esty! aren't they cute?  The sure do work up really nicely, and you can do so many things with them.
This one would be just great to put that Halloween candy in!

And this one would look great all season long! who doesn't think of pumpkins in the fall.

Now these are my Bats!  These are from a pattern from Threadbare Primitives.  She uses Homespun on her critters. but I thought that they would look great with the grungy look!  you can even hang these critters from the ceiling!  I love how the great big eyes came out.

I finally finished up my Dog quilt for the customer in Calif. that was one project that I am glad is over.  I had fun doing it. but putting the pieces together was like putting a jig saw puzzle together. and if I remember rightly, I don't like doing  puzzles!  It really came out nice though and am pleased with how it looked when I was done.