Sunday, June 24, 2012

oh, yes

well, I know it has been a week since I posted, but a busy week at that.  I now have my special need grand daughter for the summer. for some reason, my daughter could not find a baby sitter. so Monday through Friday!  she is a real good kid, but has a mind of her own. you say do "this" and she does "that" smiling all the way!  so I do very little crafting while she is here.

I did start a few sets of my primitive grungy owls though.  I did the sewing machine part at night after dinner, then the hand work I can so while she is here. so it may take time to get them done, but at least I can work on something! I have so much that I want to do this summer and I have not even started on my fall things yet.

In the meantime, I also have two custom quilts to make. the first one is just a crib quilt. I made a lot of progress on it this weekend. just down to the quilting part. but as you quilters know. that can be the longest part of it!  then I have a twin quilt, the center is a large applique dog. but I have to enlarge the pattern somehow since the original pattern if for a wall hanging and to make the dog fit proportionally, it has to be enlarged. so will see what I can come up with. at least there is no hurry on this quilt!  I have the material ordered, so once I figure out the pattern I can get to it. but that is another evening piece of work! sure cant let my grand daughter get into that!

This is a picture of the wall hanging that needs to be turned into a twin size quilt!

So take it easy and enjoy the summer!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busy day today

I had just spent 3 days down with my Aunt in NH again. I try to go down every 6 weeks or so this time of year. but will be the last trip of the year.

Tomorrow I start watching my grand daughter for the summer. she is a sweet kid. but constant motion!  I will need some extra energy to get through this summer!

Today I ended up getting some plants for my yard, so I ended up planting them so that they are done. now to get them healthy and looking good! time will tell!

So I hope that you all had a happy fathers day and enjoyed spending time with your families!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another landscape!

OK, so I  just finished this one  also. I was having problems with my Internet yesterday so had to do something to fill my time!  :0)  So I sat down with a few pictures that a friend sent and worked up this little beauty!  She really came out nice.  this one I just may keep myself!

The picture is a little dark, we don't have any sun at all to day!

This is an original design. ( from a photo ) I never use patterns when I work on my landscapes. this makes them truly unique!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Landscape Quilt

This is the latest landscape quilt that I came up with.  cant you just feel the fall in the air!

I really love making these, I can really use my own creative side as opposed to another persons pattern.

Ok, it is time to add a few new pictures!

I have accomplished quite a bit the past week or so. So I thought that I would share some of the photos with you!

This is a pattern of my own design. I put a flat bottom on it and filled it with the plastic beanies. of course when I sanded it, you can see where the beanies are!

These mushrooms are from a pattern from Motherload toad!  I made 6 big ones and 6 little ones!

These are my pears. I tried to pick a material that kind of looked like a pear. I think that I made it alright.  this is also  my own pattern.

My pumpkins for fall!  and yes, another pattern from Motherload toad! she has some really neat patterns in her store!  There are still a few more that I would like to get, but it will have to wait.

My summer apples! this is a combination of two different patterns.  I like the way that they came out, but to me they are to flat, not round like an apple should be.

And lastly! another fabric bowl!  I love making these! they are so easy and a great way to use up some of that fabric stash that I have!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where has this week gone?

Here it is, almost Friday already!  Where has the week gone to?

It has been rainy and cold just about all week so I have not been able to get out in my yard at all!  When I walk outside I "squish" at every step.

But I have been busy sewing and painting.  I found out that I don't really like using ModgePodge! it is soooooooo sticky to work with!  But I sure will use it again, regardless of the stickiness of it.  I made some mushrooms from a pattern that I got from Motherload toad, and I needed the modgepodge to "Prim" them.  I really like how they came out!  Now if the weather would only cooperate I can get some pictures of them!  I also got a set of small pumpkins done. no painting or staining on these. just a nice orange material with green stems.

I am trying to get a few things together to take down to NH with me next week. My aunt wants to do a craft fair this fall so I need to make some stuff for her to put into it. so every time I go down, I take a few more things. maybe by fall I will have enough for her?  Will see how it goes. sometimes the sewing just goes sooooooooooooo slow. but well worth it in the end!

Now if the sun would only come out!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Yes, today is my birthday! and Yes, I had a great day!  My daughter called first think this morning and told them that she was taking me out to lunch!  Great! and that isn't the best part! her husband was taking the kids so we did not have to drag any of the kids with us!  Now don't get me wrong, I love my grandchildren dearly, but to have to lug them all over the place is not fun at all. Bet we ate Chinese!  we only get it a few times a year, since her kids will not eat or and neither will my husband, so this was a girls day and we got our Chinese fix for the year. We even did a smidgen of shopping afterwards. sure was nice not looking over your shoulder to see where the kids were this time!

So tonight I get to sew some. today was a waste for that, but a good waste if you know what I mean. And this rain will not stop!  We already  have flooding in the state with more rain yet to come. This is unusable for this time of year to be flooding this bad. But as always, we will life through it. Just wish that I could send all this rain out to the west where they are having all those fires. they sure need it more than we do right now!

But I am  in the process of making some grungy owls.  this is pretty much my own pattern.  I just have to get the eyes and the sanding done.  These have a flat bottom to them and I put the little plastic beanie things in them for weight.  They look pretty cute now!  but they wont get finished up until tomorrow, so when the sun comes out again, if it ever does! I will get some pictures of them.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Give a way planned

Right now I am planning on doing a give a way!  we have a good size spell of rain coming back in, so will have the time to work on something. I have a few ideas running through my head, so lets see what I can come up with

Friday, June 1, 2012

what a beautiful day!

A break from the rain, if only for a little bit of time.  low 70s today! I can use a lot more of these days!  So I got the lawn mostly mowed and a little bit of weeding done. just a bit more tomorrow to do before the rain comes in again.

At  least with the rain I get to stay in my craft room!  these are what I have accomplished during the last bout of rain that we had.  What do you all think of them?

A Kitty Kat Pin keep! pattern from Threadbare primitives  and..

Another fabric bowl, pattern from MotherLoad toad!