Saturday, April 28, 2012

Roseville Album Quilt

This is what I work on off and on!  This quilt when it is done is going to be for me!  I will find a place to display it.

It is called the Roseville Album Quilt, it is designed by Kim McLean.  I got the pattern from I don't know if it is still available though.
These are the two side inner boarders! so nice and bright and colorful!
and this is the top and bottom inner boarders.

I am doing fusible applique on them, so nothing so far is stitched down. I am planning on that for a major winter project!  Some of the colors do not show up to well just yet. but once I get a contrasting thread on them. you will be able to see them a bit better.

And since it is a cold weekend here in Maine, it is a good time to work on it!  I have the first two of the 13 blocks done so far, only eleven more to go!  then the four outer boarders.

oh, these boarders, when they are all stitched and trimmed will finish at 16"x52"  and the block size finished will be 16" blocks. so will be a good size quilt when all is said and done


  1. Just beautiful Cathy!!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!


  2. This is just beautiful! Nothing better then making something for ourselves that will keep us warm for many a winter!

  3. WOW!! The work that has gone into cutting out the pattern to begin with- nevermind the quilting as well! Absolutely gorgeous and a treasure to keep through the generations. Beautiful!

  4. Such beautiful colors and that looks like a TON of work!!