Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday already!

Where has this week gone to?  It seems like I just got back from NH and a week has gone by already.  I have been busy though. I now have most of my quilts and lap throws listed that I had down at my Aunts, only a few more to go and I will be done.

I also finially finished up my cats!  They took longer than I thought that they would but with everything else going on, I worked on them in bits and pieces.

Now I am working on a few landscape quilts.  I need to do at least two of them for the grange fair down in NH for this summer, and I want to get them done now while I still have time.  I got volunteered to do them again. One of them is going to be hard for me. I am used to working in large areas. the one that she wants is only going to be an 8" wedge. four pictures will make up a circle. for 16" around. I am not used to making my landscapes that small. but I have pleanty of time to play with them. so will see what I can come up with.

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