Monday, May 28, 2012

My Fabric bowls

Ok, so today I am going to show you pictures of the Tarpunto fabric bowls that I made, this is a  pattern from Robyn and MotherLoad Toad!

This is the first one that I did. A nice medium blue with lime green splotches through out it. I really like the material, but never could find just the right project for it!  Well, I guess that it makes really nice bowls!  not to find something to display in it!

This is the second one that I did.  I used the same pattern, but altered the assembly just a tad bit to make it easier on me. this one came out a bit better, quite a bit more even on the edges.  This one is a plum purple with gold vines and leaves and stems through out.  I really like how this one turned out!

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