Monday, August 27, 2012

Great Weather!

We have had some really beautiful weather up here in Maine this past week! not to hot during the day, the humidity is down, and nice cool nights. great sleeping weather! So I have neglected my computer work for working outside. I have mowed the lawn, cut down some dead flowers that have been dead for awhile. started laying a flagstone path, and did general clean up around the yard. with baby sitting this summer, I just have not had the time to do what I usually do!

and I course, I have been working on some of my patterns. I know that they are simple things. but that is what I was looking for when I first entered the world of prims. As I do more patterns I will probably get more creative. but right now I am happy with what I have. I also have my patterns listed in the "Prim Pattern" there is a button on my side bar, and also the "Pattern Cupboard", and of course on esty!  I have already sold several patterns of which I am ecstatic!  I know it takes time for people to find my things, it took me over 3 months before I got my first sale on esty, of course it still is not where I would like it. but I am still averaging one sale a week. just wish it was more regular!

but for now, I am off to bed, for some reason I just cant seem to catch up on my sleep after this summer!

Have a good night!


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