Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I finially got something done

It has been a long summer baby sitting my grand daughter, but she is now back in school!  Yeah!  I forgot what the feeling was, I remember what it was like now when I could not wait for my kids go go back to school!  oh the peace and quiet!  Now it is time to catch up on things.

I have a few new paper patterns listed on Esty now. including the crow and the turkey that I did. but I also listed this cute little floppy eared bunny rabbit!
He sure does not look cute and cuddly looking does he. maybe because his ears are to long!  He sure was fun to make!  My daughter has the pattern now to merge the directions to the pattern pieces. I cant do it on my computer, I just don't have the software for it. but once she gets these last 3 back to me, then I can offer up epatterns as well. so much easier when you can just add them to an email and send it out. sure saves on postage! and saves on waiting on the postman as well.

I have three more that I am working on, the prototypes are all done, now to just get the patterns written up. that should not take long. it is getting easier the more that I do. but I sure do hate all the proof reading!

Everyone stay safe if you are in the path of Isaac! 


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