Saturday, March 30, 2013

Home again , Home again

Yes, I am home again already. those trips are to short!  But, at least I got away for a little bit.  My aunt had me out in the yard helping her clean up some. and yes, I AM TIRED!  I am so glad that I dont have all of those trees in my yard! wet leaves can get pretty heavy!

So, now I am back and ready to get back to creating again.  I have several ideas in my head that I really want to get to, but I still have to write up those patterns for those last sets of dolls that I did. Maybe later tonight I can get working on them.

In the meantime, the sun was out so I was able to take pictures of the  pumpkins that I did right before I left, and the watermelon bowl fillers.  hopefully just in time for summer decorating!

Now I still have plenty of time to get something done today!  I wonder what kind of trouble I can get into now!

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