Friday, March 22, 2013

Some New Dolls

I am in the process now of designing a few more of my extreme primitive black dolls. I would like to replace the ones that I have sold.  My problem is that I am running out of names!  So if anyone has any ideas for some extreme primitive dolls please leave a comment with your suggestion for a name.  I need both girls and boys names!  If I choose the name that you suggest, I will send you a free pattern of that doll when I get it finished and written up!  so anytime I use one of the names. that person will get a free pattern, even if it is weeks down the road!  So leave a comment with the name of a new doll!  Thank you all.


  1. Cathy, I often go to the baby naming sites when I am stumped for names, there is one called Moms Who Think that has a vintage baby name section if you are looking for 'old time' names: Happy browsing!

  2. Rufus came to mind right off the bat. Sillas is another one that I just thought of. He is cute.