Sunday, March 24, 2013

My new dolls are finished!

Yes, I have just finished up my new dolls. I made two sets of them. they are both 12 inches tall. that is a bit smaller than I usually make them.  And, I already have plans for my next one!  But these are the dolls that I have made.

This is Silas and Martha, it sure looks like they have been fighting over something! Of course, if you have been married as long as they have, I am sure they fight once in awhile.

and this is Wilbert and Olga. They do look a bit happier. Actually, Wilbert has a smirk on his face! I wonder what he got into!

I have them listed on my website now.  and , tomorrow I hope to start getting the patterns written up.

So, until tomorrow!


  1. All 4 dolls are adorable! I will go check out your website :)

    1. Thank You Danice! the patterns are not written up yet, hopefully by the end of the weekend!