Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Yes, today is my birthday! and Yes, I had a great day!  My daughter called first think this morning and told them that she was taking me out to lunch!  Great! and that isn't the best part! her husband was taking the kids so we did not have to drag any of the kids with us!  Now don't get me wrong, I love my grandchildren dearly, but to have to lug them all over the place is not fun at all. Bet we ate Chinese!  we only get it a few times a year, since her kids will not eat or and neither will my husband, so this was a girls day and we got our Chinese fix for the year. We even did a smidgen of shopping afterwards. sure was nice not looking over your shoulder to see where the kids were this time!

So tonight I get to sew some. today was a waste for that, but a good waste if you know what I mean. And this rain will not stop!  We already  have flooding in the state with more rain yet to come. This is unusable for this time of year to be flooding this bad. But as always, we will life through it. Just wish that I could send all this rain out to the west where they are having all those fires. they sure need it more than we do right now!

But I am  in the process of making some grungy owls.  this is pretty much my own pattern.  I just have to get the eyes and the sanding done.  These have a flat bottom to them and I put the little plastic beanie things in them for weight.  They look pretty cute now!  but they wont get finished up until tomorrow, so when the sun comes out again, if it ever does! I will get some pictures of them.

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