Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where has this week gone?

Here it is, almost Friday already!  Where has the week gone to?

It has been rainy and cold just about all week so I have not been able to get out in my yard at all!  When I walk outside I "squish" at every step.

But I have been busy sewing and painting.  I found out that I don't really like using ModgePodge! it is soooooooo sticky to work with!  But I sure will use it again, regardless of the stickiness of it.  I made some mushrooms from a pattern that I got from Motherload toad, and I needed the modgepodge to "Prim" them.  I really like how they came out!  Now if the weather would only cooperate I can get some pictures of them!  I also got a set of small pumpkins done. no painting or staining on these. just a nice orange material with green stems.

I am trying to get a few things together to take down to NH with me next week. My aunt wants to do a craft fair this fall so I need to make some stuff for her to put into it. so every time I go down, I take a few more things. maybe by fall I will have enough for her?  Will see how it goes. sometimes the sewing just goes sooooooooooooo slow. but well worth it in the end!

Now if the sun would only come out!

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