Sunday, June 24, 2012

oh, yes

well, I know it has been a week since I posted, but a busy week at that.  I now have my special need grand daughter for the summer. for some reason, my daughter could not find a baby sitter. so Monday through Friday!  she is a real good kid, but has a mind of her own. you say do "this" and she does "that" smiling all the way!  so I do very little crafting while she is here.

I did start a few sets of my primitive grungy owls though.  I did the sewing machine part at night after dinner, then the hand work I can so while she is here. so it may take time to get them done, but at least I can work on something! I have so much that I want to do this summer and I have not even started on my fall things yet.

In the meantime, I also have two custom quilts to make. the first one is just a crib quilt. I made a lot of progress on it this weekend. just down to the quilting part. but as you quilters know. that can be the longest part of it!  then I have a twin quilt, the center is a large applique dog. but I have to enlarge the pattern somehow since the original pattern if for a wall hanging and to make the dog fit proportionally, it has to be enlarged. so will see what I can come up with. at least there is no hurry on this quilt!  I have the material ordered, so once I figure out the pattern I can get to it. but that is another evening piece of work! sure cant let my grand daughter get into that!

This is a picture of the wall hanging that needs to be turned into a twin size quilt!

So take it easy and enjoy the summer!

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