Monday, July 16, 2012

Very busy Summer so far

It has been a very busy summer so far for me. I have not seemed to find the time to much of anything. it is amazing what having a child in the house does to you! My timing is all off! Between that and this heat and humidity I seem to have done much of nothing.  But I did manage to get a few things done. mostly at night when it is cooler , or early in the morning before Keiley comes over.  I do manage to get some handwork done while she is her, but not much.  but I love her dearly. she is usually such a sweet even tempered little girl that just loves to play with my dog! who of course loves to play right back!  So in the meantime, I have made up a few things for Fall and Halloween. These two fabric bowls are from a pattern from Robyn and Motherload toad on Esty! aren't they cute?  The sure do work up really nicely, and you can do so many things with them.
This one would be just great to put that Halloween candy in!

And this one would look great all season long! who doesn't think of pumpkins in the fall.

Now these are my Bats!  These are from a pattern from Threadbare Primitives.  She uses Homespun on her critters. but I thought that they would look great with the grungy look!  you can even hang these critters from the ceiling!  I love how the great big eyes came out.

I finally finished up my Dog quilt for the customer in Calif. that was one project that I am glad is over.  I had fun doing it. but putting the pieces together was like putting a jig saw puzzle together. and if I remember rightly, I don't like doing  puzzles!  It really came out nice though and am pleased with how it looked when I was done.

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  1. You are sure making beautiful Trapunto Bowls!
    GREAT job!
    BIG HUGS! Robyn