Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Very Productive day today!

Yes, I have been busy! I got my surprise patterns done!  It is a Frankenstein pin keep! Another great pattern from Threadbare primitives!

I also have my cats "Sadie and Jinx" from "Barefoot Primitives" just about done also.  I am trying a new technique on my prims and I am really happy with it!  once I get the cats done I will post a picture and you can tell me what you thing of them.  This technique I have learned from "Soft in the Head"  instead of using coffee or tea to stain you muslin, you use a finishing wax!  It is a bit messy but sooooooooo worth the effort!  but I am working on the eyes now, then all I have to do is the whiskers. hopefully, grand-daughter willing I can get them on tomorrow and show you all a picture of them.  oh, and if you use the wax on black paint, it looks just like black leather!  yes, I am excited about this technique!

But this is Frankenstein! or Frankie as I call him, not scary at all!  I love doing these pin keeps!  they are so easy to do. and depending on the material that you use, they can all come out different!

So I hope that you all have enjoyed your day!


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