Thursday, July 19, 2012

My next project!

These two Ravens are from "Soft in the Head"  I fell in love with them the first time that I saw them. I just had to find time to do them!

Now these are going to be for me!  I have filled my shop so am taking time off from making things for my shop. so now it is time to think of me!

Besides, I already have an order from my "kids" for at least 6 of my landscape quilts! each one of them wants something different. these would be for the grands for Christmas. So maybe now it the time to get started on them. you know how fast Christmas sneaks up on you!

I also have to think of what I want to put in my shop for the Christmas season. decisions decisions.  I have a few pattens for then, but not many.

Tomorrow I will not be sewing much though. I have Kieley in the morning, then it is off to town to do my weekly errands! with out her! she is hard for me to take to a lot of different places. And I surely don't want to go to town on a Saturday! not this time of year anyway!

So you all have a great night!  And thanks for the new followers!



  1. Hi Cathy,
    Love your ravens and I hope you will post the quilts you will be making for your family!
    Enjoy your weekend,

    1. Thanks Barb, I will. and as you know. nothing you make will ever look just like the pattern, but I do try.

      Now to just find what I want to do for the grands for Christmas! I have some ideas, just have to get going on them.