Friday, October 12, 2012

Beautiful day here in midcoast Maine

Yes, just great today!  I had to got to town real quick this morning. Now real quick is relative. it is a 45 minute trip each way! One of the problems of living out in the country!  On the way home I had to pick up a tire for my lawn tractor. It had to go flat with only a bit of work left to do with it this fall, but it is all fixed and I even got it back on myself!

So this afternoon, I ended up moving some firewood. I only have a little over a cord to move. Just have to get it closer to the house so that I can get it easily.  But I got some moved today. and tomorrow the sun is supposed to be out so I can get out and get a bit more moved. Then we have more rain coming for the next 4 or 5 days. well, at least it isn't snow yet!

Speaking of which, they are predicting a lot of snow and cold for this part of the country this year. We had a nice mild winter last year, but guess that Old Mother Nature is going to pay us back this year!  At least I don't have to drive in it if I don't want to. just stock up the old pantry!  And, in the meantime we are still waiting for Indian summer to arrive! it is to cold to soon!

But have a great evening! and enjoy this beautiful fall weather while you can

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