Saturday, October 6, 2012

Real nice busy day

Yes it has been a great day! the sun was shining this morning and it got up to the mid 70's!  but it sure will not last. going to rain tonight and the temps are going to drop big time.  tomorrow is turtle neck and sweater weather!  I am sure going to need them.

amid the going in and out today because of the weather, I did manage to get some things done.  I am working on some more polar bears and penguins.  these are a bit smaller so that 3 will fit in a basket comfortably.  but the first coat of paint is on my penguins and the polar bears have the coat of modge podge on it.  tomorrow I can finish the painting on my penguins, and add the face, then just add the face to the polar bears!  the muzzle is  put on last so that I can stitch the nose and such on after the modge podge is applies.

I will tell you, I do have to keep my window open!  that modge podge tends to smell after a little bit!

So you all have a good night and will chat with you all later


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