Saturday, October 13, 2012

Great day!

It has been a beautiful day so far! Really nice and sunny, but a bit on the cool side.  Winter is on the way!

I have spent a good part of my morning moving firewood. I only got so far when my back said enough!  I would of hand it all done in the nice weather of Sept if I had not of gotten sick. So now I am playing catch up!  But I still got enough moved for today. If it doesnt really rain tomorrow I might get a bit more moved over.  I should really have it under cover so that it is dry in case I need it.

I have spent some time retaking some pictures for my Esty shop.  One thing that I realized is that most of my pictures had a date of 2007! well, that was not good,  People do not want to buy what they consider "old" things that have been hanging around to long.  So a bit at a time, as the sun permits, I am retaking the pictures, and yes, I have a lot to retake!   But, it can only help my shop to get nice fresh pictures in it. Ones with out dates to them!  I am also checking for fuzzy pictures, and as I go I am checking my description, titles and tags. Every little bit helps.
This is a landscape quilt that I did awhile back.  I just love those mountain lakes!  but can you imagine how cold that water must be?  I am surely not going to stick my toes in that water!

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